Laakso - Truck Driver

someone's off to beat his wife
another goes to see the guys
they haven't met since age 18
now they'll drink, watch premier league
listen to the judas priest
talk about how they have been
where they were supposed to go
now they all are too old

someone's off to meet her lover
another has a new world to discover
with her backpack on
falls in love, then back home
old friends running to eachother
it's amazing, such an honour
nothing's left, just memories
they split again as enemies

someone has tried every drug
put his dick in anyone
nothing's changed, he's still the same
nothing beats the iron man
another lived a healthy life
died in cancer at 35
his mother cries
it's the wrong way round
shouldn't tell her son goodbye

a countryloving truck driver
sings along around the world
he'd love to marry Dolly Parton
he's jerking off and thinking of her

a suicidal busdriver
would love to kill his passengers
he goes by cracking into walls
he'd love to die, but not alone
not alone

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