Kemopetrol - Overweight & Underage

I've got a thought that should be brought to the police
Here is the thing, I wanna bring you to your knees
I'm jealous of your friends and of your enemies

And I feel overweight and underage
You can't compete with the wars I wage
And I, I overdo, I'm all over you
I never knew where to take it to
And I feel overweight, I feel underage

It's never random, I always land on a Brandon Walsh
You've got it made, you're getting paid, you've got no flaws
And that is why you have me trying to break your balls

I can get so childish
I can get so lost
And every time I deny this
It's at a bigger cost
But then it's like I'm forced

Come back to me again
Come back to me again
I only need a friend
This time I don't pretend

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