Kanye west - Skit #4

Squad: Broke, broke, broke phi broke (We ain't got it)
Broke, broke, broke phi broke (We ain't got it)

Leader: Broke, broke, broke phi broke. We ain't got it
Broke, broke, broke phi-

Leader: I've called this private meeting today because there is an impostor among us.
There is an impostor among us.
This brother right here has been out making beats on the side.
Yes he has. Pretending he's broke, walking amongst us.
This brother has been eating every day.
Can you believe that...? Eating every day.
Pretending he's with us, he's not one of us.
I did not want to believe this but I walked into the brother Kanye's closet and I found new shoes.
I found new shoes! Kanye, would you like to step forward and explain these new shoes?!

Kanye: I was-you crazy, I wasn't, I didn't, um, I was just um, I was-

Leader: No, you speak up brother!

Kanye: I was gon' stick-I'm tryna stick to my roots and-

Leader: What?!

Kanye: I wanna stick to my roots, and-

Leader: What?! You march your new shoes out of here, Kanye.
Don't you ever come back in 'em.
Don't you ever come back smellin' all good, taking showers and shit like that, a'ight?
We don't appreciate that down here at Broke Phi Broke.
What's next?


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