Jonny Was - Jonny Was

Jonny Was, a street walker(x 4)

He travels light
Ooh, you should've seen him
Walked right past ya
You could not believe it
Lyin?on the street corner wearin?next to nothin?
Yet he sports a smile

And all the times
You bow your head and look away
You cross the street, yeah, just to get away
He cant help but feel ashamed cuz
He has got no where to go now

Jonny Was, a street walker, Ooooooh (x 4)

He moves around
To a new location
Town to town
To find his next vacation
In his ripped up jeans and t-shirt
Pack of smokes on the side

How about a dime?
To help him get a bus ride
Maybe a dollar
To help him stay the night
Anywhere but on the cold streets
Not in an alley or the cops beat

Jonny Was
I said Jonny Was

*Guitar Solo*

I said?
Jonny Was a street walker, Ooooooh (x 4)

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