Chloe lilac - 10 things

when you dropped out of college
I was the first to call you
we fought so much in high school
still told my friends I like you but you’re just so elitist
and it’s for no good reason
I think it’s time we face it there’s no nice way to say this

fuck me up I’ll let you back in leave me when you get a boyfriend
count em up im losing track of it all
there’s way more than 10 things
i hate about you
six ways
I wanna tell you
too late
to work it out
you used to be my best friend now there’s
10 things I hate about you
rich kids with daddy issues
hate me I know you do
not as much as I hate you

you knew my heart was breaking
when you ditched me for Nathan
told you so many times
but when you say you care you’re faking
and you stole my spirits
go to a party and repeat my lyrics
told you so many times
but you were never concentrating

Writers: ANDREW SELTZER , Sean Kennedy , Chloe Lilac

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