Jesse malin - Hotel columbia
Overige artiesten: Christine smith

Well I've been strung out on a song
For a place where I belong
As the lyrics start to fall
She's in my bed, I'm off the wall

Call me up call me up
Call me up Columbia

The sun goes down over Hyde Park
The concierge is tending bar
Meanwhile back across the pond
Now my friends are dads and moms

Have you gone so far
That you don't need love?
And you told me why
You've had enough

I'll be okay you'll be okay

The Shining meets old Spinal Tap
While I take a disco nap
My receiver's off the hook
Another page in Nite bob's book

Now you can cross me off your list
of all those pretty things you miss
I ain't never going home
Cos I don't wanna play alone

Call me up, call me up
Call me up, Columbia

Have you go so far that you
Don't need love?
And you told me why
You'vehad enough
And you don't look back
And you don't come close
Baby, all your dope sick friends
Are hanging round the ghosts

I'll be okay, you'll be okay
My Columbia

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