P carter - Frozen freestyle

They all been changing,
I go through phases,
Took so many L's,
Started again and I turned new pages,
All I shown is love,
I turn my back and I see them faces,
Its all been rough,
Through all the pain that came with you,
I wanted us,
Through all them lies that came with you,
I still had trust,
We don't talk no more,
Shits been mad but I still got love,
What a dumb little hoe,
Try play with a heart that's frozen cold,
You gave me the fuel that I needed to blow,
There's ice in my vein like a frozen flow,
They all been sold,
So many lies on my name been told,
The most slept on better know that's known,
Game 6 won't choke I'm Lowry,
I've come so far I don't know why they doubt me,
Love me or hate me,
I don't need stress,
Believe what I say like Kanye West,
On G, O, D,
Name me a time when I ain't been free,
I mean can't you see?
It was always you,
Never once was me.

Writers: Barbod Asefjah

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