Jamestown story - Love Vs. Life

Hold up is this everything you've waited for, is it something less, is
it something more than what you gave up to get, you so far

Its been awhile since I thought about that day
And its so sad that it had to be this way
Man I loved the stories that you say
Cause its pathetic, don't forget it, cause I know I wont

Don't try to tell me, that you think you know me
your head's so high I can't hear what your saying
And I don't wanna be there when you fall back down and hit the ground,
but I'll be waiting right here when you do

I've tried to figure out how it went wrong
Should have seen it coming all along
But I thought that you could maybe change
Instead you said goodbye my friend, I'll replace you with fame

It would be nice to hear your sorry (cause I'm sorry)
But I guess that things will never change with you

You're livin in a dream man, wake up while you still can, your friends
aren't a trash can, so please stay awake oh please stay awake

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