Jamestown story - It's Like A Knife In A Gunfight

Point break, hope lost
I don't know what I've done to deserve this, I'm nerveless
And all I've ever wanted, is just to understand, why this disease
infects me and why I can't live the life you all have

Pick me up, pick me up whoa oh
It's no surprise this has come back to haunt me
So hold me up while its pulling me down
but with my eyes shut, it opens my world
There's much more life to live, and much more love to give, its the
beating in my chest that keeps my head from giving up, cause what I've
started, I have to see

Point break, hope lost, all immunity is gone and unworthy, it hurts me
And if I didn't feel so insecure I might scream out for help

Please tell me everything will go away with this pill that I take whole,
to fill this hole
I wish it was that simple but I guess I can do as I've been told and
dig this hole

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