8ball & mjg - Players night out

(music plays in back)
O-OH-O-O-OH-O-OH It's the playerz night
O-OH-O-O-OH-O-OH it's the players night

Verse 1: Eightball

I'm just loungin, coolin, maxin in the studio
Drankin on the yak, smokin fat mac indo
five-o, droptop, watermelon flip flop
Put her to the floor and watch how fast that ass drop
Oh my god the sun is out I feel like ridin G, (MJG- meet me up at
pressure world),
alright nigga(MJG-Peace Nigga)
Pull up at pressure world blowin on the fat one
I'm cool with everyone but still pack a fat gun
I gotta meet my nigga MJG ya know
he said he got the hook up with a couple of west Memphis hoes

Verse 2: MJG

Two hoes takin off they clothes
Given up they mouth to the pimps of the house
Got seveteen dollars in my tank and I think if the hoes wanna have
but we ain't cuzz we can't waste time on a hotcap
Shit like ridin with a bitch all in my lap
I got pimp shit planned for the nine-fo
How the fuck you figure I coming through the front door
Roll me spliff with the tip up to my mouth
fire dat bitch up cuzz its players night out

Chorus: x2

Verse 3: Eightball

Yeah you know where I'm headin fool
Straight to the nigga with the herbs I gotta smoke a spliff
so I can calm my nerves
Full of yak
But a nigga ain't drunk yet
Waitin on a beep from this hoe I just met
She's a star so I gotta get her put the mack down tight
so I know I'm gonna hit her
Split her, then get up and leave the hoe bitter
cuzz I play her like myself does not want to get her
Its still kinda early and I'm losing my buzz
Stop by the crib smoke a spliff in the hot tub
MJG is in the den gettin chwed on
that nigga must be drunk he still got his shoes on
I gotta broad in the kitchen cookin steaks
I'm puttin on my clothes and I'm bout to hit the highway
I got to get out this muthafuckin house so I can splurge
on this playerz night out


Verse 4: MJG

Ahhh Shit
Just got hit with a heavy quantity of bud
hit the chevy, as I flip to the mall scopin out the bitches
on the strip
Shorts glued down to they hips
gotta a special kinda cup for my cognac
Cuzz I lean back, take a sip, and show these hoes where my love at
ridin down the avenue followin a stranga
Stack it to the wall as I fire up another blunt
MJG druker than a muthafuckin fish with thirty-seven bitches in my dick
I got another destination ain't no use in chillin wit these hoes
cuzz bitches want riches
And I
Being the type of hustler that I am really don't give a god damn
B-U-S-I-N-E-double S is what I'm all about
Put'em in a middle of a playaz night out

(singing in the back)x2
just a G
just a Pimp


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