M.c. really real - Bold n' brash

Stashin the last laugh for later, call me Mr. Intermission or the main reanimator make a Game of all the shit that puts your tail between your legs and leave it mangled and Bloody it's praying mercy please save me
I'm amazed feeling crazier than ever
All my consciousness is leaking out my ear and down my necks it's wet
What the heck ill burn ya up like Boba fett and leave you just barely breathing cause You're no good to me dead
Red dread imbedded with hot lead my lips like double barrels as I'm blowing off your Head DAMN
Sorry mam but I am what I am
A scallywag with a craving for the blood of uncle sam
Torment makes me wonder what the wave meant lukewarm chilli peppers popping on The pavement
That's when I made a decision to grab a segment
Toss it down my throat got me feeling pretty decentC
Uhmm I'm recieving some new developments
I've just been informed that we can execute the negligent
Be warned for i'm adept at spinning different elements
Tell em hide your skeletons

The tiny little flame inside my belly keeps me nice and contained like the nice man on The telly
You go and watch it through the window of the deli cause you just need one more Chance to talk to Shelly
That woman opens up her mouth and then your jelly and what slithers outa yours is your Lunch at her feet
Now you see how that wasn't quite what the doc meant when he said that you needa be More gutsy
What's truly good you're asking me
Well I'll tell you in a second honey find yourself a seat think you're in for a treat take These words and stick em deep
In between all neat inner reaches of your dreams
Break it off and unleash my hidden being
Sharpen the ends of my teeth
Then I gnaw at the seems, like an oak tree crashing, smashing everything beneath
Pandemonium unleashed and now its time to take a breather

Hand on a book look away from the light disguised as a guy made mostly devine
I don't trust that kid with a life
Let alone a chance to command any mic
I must bite if I'm ever gonna feed my pride
Stand in the void i'm fine
Time to ignite this bitch from the inside
Hide in a cave play dead stay alive
I'm old bold n brash
Robbed the patties and killed the crab
Clarinet staff through your teeth in a flash
Captain magma slap
There's no ocean deeper than my wrath
Neptune's corpse in a cast double tap
I am a God, I am scholar, and my dick is about average

Writers: Patrick Mitchell

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