M.c. really real - A challenger approaches... (feat. tyybot)

Displays of waste are best replaced with grace and a death is refreshing
In the face of what remains
Victory tastes like being berraded
By angel kisses, and ethereal wishes
Yes its delicious but I viciously gripped my joy stick
To avoid being kicked from the mission
This fictitious journey may just be a visit
But all of my freinds are now burning their bridges
A, B, down, left with this final breath
I will blow you to bits with my fists of finesse
Testing your hold on the gold
Cause if ya waver for even a second ill hit ya with a barrel roll
Buildin up my stamina
So I can be slamming ya this arena is my church
And im emerging from the earth
Everyone knows that your worth
Is determined by your bladder control and your thirst to be first
Bowser ain't shit just a lizard with a death wish
I'll bust up his lip like a wizard on a meth binge
Rip past the rest then inflict the final smash
Gash in your head and my foot in your colon
Swollen in the thumbs, chewin on our tongues
This controller is no longer for fun its a gun
Theres no falcon punch that can force me to run
Hyrule is your coffin its game, set, im done

Triple down-tilt with a tipper bat
Breaking your shield
Now I know you're mad
You thought this was friendly competition
Bitch, I am the king of smash
Grit your teeth and fake a smile
While I beat your ass
Like a helpless child
Watch you burn in the PK flames
Spike you down with a dinosaur brain
This shit is not a game
Our friendship will never be the same
Let's take the focus off the screen
And pick up some real blades
I've got the reach of Melee Marth
I'll show you how to shield break
This couch is not a home
It feels closer to a war zone
All I see is CPU's
And throats that I want to choke
Nin ten don't you ever fucking disrespect me
I'll smash this goddamn tv on your head
And leave you bleeding
That makes the rating T for teens
But these hands are rated E for everybody
Come and catch a beating

Locked in a fight, plumber in a pipe
Gonna smoke that mustache falco style
Got two more lives in stock turn into a rock and drop in the blink of an eye
Its hammer time
And the doritos bag is empty
Game and watch me knock your fuckin block off with a cross chop temp me

Your moms a whore
Your moves are weak
Haven't shaved your neck beard in weeks
Dude you reek
What's your issue
Hygiene hiding underneath
Bedside tissues
After this disgrace
Run away no one will miss you
Back to back
Run it back every time
The outcomes the same
3 stocks, perfect score
That's a perfect game

Clenched fist sweat drips
Who's the king and who's the bitch
Hydra VS Dragon come and catch these master hands are swift
Legendaries at our back, dodge another peach slap
One of us will have to spend our death within the mansion
3, 2, Wonder what you'll do
Its the final move
Combo if you can what's the plan
Better follow through
Give it up, change your name and move away to ignorance
Nothing in my life have ever mattered more than this

Writers: Patrick Mitchell , Tyler Liming

Lyrics © DistroKid

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