M.c. really real - Slouch

Unplug the system, lift to your lips then blow out the minions
Twenty five thousand CC's of wishful thinkin, mixed with a lack of blinking
Ink dries slow as it drips from the belly of an artist who knows no bliss
Bug flys down for a kiss, steals a bit of blood
And reveals to the world that it ain't no bitch
Dont flinch dont shake when the beast is upon you
It's best to be tame any god with a brain would be actin the same
Except in the case of accepting the blame
But smack that sad face sideways shotgun a pabst blue ribbon like its friday
Crash on the piss stained carpet
And dream of the sharpened stakes on the snowflake highway
When the sun comes back leave a broken cocoon on the welcome mat
Pop a balloon just to prove that your bad
Or assemble a fleet and relieve all the sad
Wow, that feels much better dont it
Now you can live more present in the moment
Kick off your socks make your self at home
What's mine is yours till the second it's over
What's really real? What's really peeling back what the coat concealed
Is it bones or a meal? Home or a hag with a cauldron of eels? Hmm
Seems like the life of a flesh bag matters the most
To the host of a flesh bag, gross
Those suits dont last they are only a vessel for boots and for hats
But it's a real nice hat, wool with a feather erect from the cap
Wear it to partys in Hope's that a lass might fancy
A taste of your chapped stick
Back in the cab, back to the land of the crab
Where a bug lies dead in an ocean of trash
Last to the bed is an egg made of glass
Cracked and a waste of your hard earned cash
Now lie awake, retinas fixed on the popcorn ceiling
Transform paint into fractals and shapes and imagine yourself as a king
Lord of the stars, commanding a hoard of bizzare
Creatures and beings from planets afar
A place where a rocket replaces your car
A place where you aren't what you are

Slouch through a world that feels so heavy
It's the same routine unseen unready
Just sleep and escape to where the ground stays steady
Stay steady, stay steady

Writers: Patrick Mitchell

Lyrics © DistroKid

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