Charlie parr - Bed of wasps

Don't let him through that door
I can't bear to never see him anymore
The coincidence of our accord
Has been misunderstood for years and more
I can't stand to be alone
But there's no one else I can be around
I know I can't keep him here with me
But I don't know how to set us free

Time is a game played by smarter beings
I'm lost in a fog trying to know what it means
If I were to lose track of the path I was on
Would I float away or simply find another one
Why is it so hard to see past your own nose
Time is an illusion
So it goes

Please don't let her leave
I know she won't be back again
Did I hold on too tight
When I tried to be her friend
Does it mean so much more to me
That I might try and apprehend
Her time which is her own
And never has been mine

All this space that we share
How much do I really know
Assumptions I've made about her
Are only mine and never show
The true nature of this room
Please let me see without my eyes
Space is coincidence
So it goes

Our lives are intertwined
But it's not the act of you or I
It could be anyone else
And it wouldn't cost me any less
The universe is made of sails
With no rudder turning into the gale
It's meaningless to speculate
From inside the ship they're all just waves

If I could embrace the eternal moment
And shrug off the past like an unwelcome blanket
If only the future didn't haunt my dreams
I awaken too early trying to figure what it means
Are my nightmares actually what's real
I sleep in a bed of wasps
So it goes

Writers: Charlie Parr

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