Ugly Kid Joe - I'll Keep Tryin'

If I had the time and lotsa money
The I'd take you 'round the world
'n' if I had a dime for every penny
Then I'd buy you diamonds girl
You don't even know how much I love you
And how much I wanna be...
Your knight in shining armor, yeah, baby
That's good enough for me...

And I'll keep tryin'
Yeah I'll keep tryin', to make you mine
...mine all mine
I hope you're buyin', I hope you're buyin'
All of my lines

Now if I was the king and had a castle
Then you'd surely be my queen
We would live up in the tallest tower
And we rarely would be seen
You don't even know how much I need you
And how much you mean to me
I'm dog without a bone hear me cryin'
And it's time for you to see that...


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