Ugly Kid Joe - Come Tomorrow

About the time I'm eight years old
I met the devil, kept my soul
Walkin' out on lakes of fire and I'm gone
Walkin' in a wonderland
And I don't really understand
The place I'm comin' to right now today

Come tomorrow, you could see the light
Come tomorrow. Break it right down to the place you were before

Fifteen years on down the line
I guess you'd say I'm doin' fine
Wandering down that same old road again
Walkin' in her wonderland
But Alice doesn't understand
The place she's comin' to right now today


Move a little slower
Come a little faster, honey

On your knees, you'll be beggin' me please
As you feel the disease
You're goin' down again tonight

See me runnin', watch me fall
I guess you'd say I've finally found my own
See me cryin' and wonder why
I guess you'd say its time to die today


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