UB 40 - Gotta Tell Someone

I gotta tell someone, can anyone hear me
the girl of my dreams just told me that she loves me
she whispered and I was consumed so compeletly
lost in the love that I feel, when ever she's near me

1st Verse:
She's got me wishin' for something that's missin'
staring at stars getting high on her kissing
now I got my girl, my girl got me
we're making plans for a family
(Back to chorus)

2nd Verse:
Together we'll stay come what may
nothing come between us or get in our way
this is for real a really big deal
at last we've found someone who knows how we feel
(back to chorus)

3rd Verse:
She took me out walking, I should not be talkin'
whispered in my ear but I'm telling you nothing
if I were you, you know what I'd do
get one of your own so you whisper too
(back to chorus)

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