M.c. j.brown - Free feedback

Free Feedback

Get the check ready, cause we off again, wanna be my lady, what ya offer me
people here you messin with the awesome track, flowin at the tap, with the free feedback

simple as they come, more than william hung, brung forth heat, put the streets on knock
rock with me rhythm, don't stop, better learn your part sister, don't forgot
I'm hot with the hip hop, rep my spot, straight from the bay where the thizzlers play
straight from the booth, get laced then hoop, scoop up the crew, get in deep pursuit
put my mind on focus, bring the dopeness, the range and the scope, that a keep ya open
if it gets hot, then we gotta pop bottles, push fly rides, know I got the throttle,
people get your hands up, class in session, need some information, I'm a answer questions
how I stay fresh, I'm blessed in fact, turn up the bass, and let the place react

team on point, got the joint on action, music got to move ya, filled with passion
I got the fashion, simple plain, fans think fresh when they hear my name
change up pitcher, hear the flow go wicked, my name is j. Brown, yall calm down
i'm a keep my promise, you can tell from the comments, prime reputation, nothin fugasi
float to the top, no dream, i'm cream, told you don't sleep, take dramamine
fiend for funk, this here gets delivered,yall stop actin,open the package
I came for the racks, heed my attack, people know I mac, it's the big pay back
afro rule, yall shaked a fool, I can still flow old, through the new school

two in the bush, garuntee she pregnant, get your body movin, don't be stagnant
beats that you need, anti freeze, burner make you thaw out, hope yall hittn all right
tight fit pant, make a grown man dance, beggin for the candy, don't get antsy
it's all black and white, spot the panda, afro at the reigns your new commander
let the turntable smoke, hear the crowd get loud, jam on the mound, Let the Lord be round
grace to the great ones, humble patient, it's been a long time, but yall be waiting
I roll down the incline, keep the groove, floss, see my face, got attitude
dude on fire, call me mvp, know it in the end, that my team always win


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