M.c. j.brown - Swallow your pride

Swallow Your Pride
never would believe, yet I'm a first hand witness, used to play the blame game, but now I see it's insane
so I claim truth ruthless, a word for you producers, before the most high arrive, you must swallow your pride

step into the main stage, surrounded by the characters, here come a narrator, infringine on territory
This another terror story, fear pumpin mandatory, people stand in awe, peggy hall state the law
and you know in your heart, better learn to play your part, put down the smart phone, connected to the drone
that include all your info and anything known, the urgency has grown, make your every move your own
the populace lost, they done took the secret sauce, you here to save souls, wake up play your role
control at your tips, microphone and the mix, the lips lead masses, clear they vision no glasses
the lies is collapsin, free your people trapped in, let your love shine, lift the leaders with the rhyme
Courage is the big sib, i'm exempt, no testing temps, chips are for chimps, vaccines are for chumps

It's John free speaking, the real aint nothing creepy, see facet leaking, come on dummy, fix the plumbing
feel the heat of summer, how your children gonna comeup, time to seal the lot, boy, this is your watch
heart of a champion, vibes get ya chanton, I'm a real a tician, miss me playin the victom
recognize the system, shut up, learn to listen, take a taste of wisdom, put some light on your shine
knowledge is respected, find the truth, get connected, bonifide elixir, released from the scriptures
love another like wise, stay off in your right mind, turn to your senses, repent from the sensless
I ain't no magician, I'm similar to christian, godlike behaviors, in my lyrical rhyme flavors
take heed to the slump, you favorite jump got you leaping, Im a get you started,at the party this weekend

clocks all wrong, less they 24 hour, zulu powered, sun matchin, timing with your action
my mathmatic tendencies, came with the degrees, college ain't knowledge, it's more like a disease
afro got it latched, game in the attache, see me down the way, movin in the fast lane
losin is the last place, My grace come from heaven, no need hatin on, I move it for the faithful
someone get my numbers up, I got to reach some other ones, souls must roll, I can't let em take the tolle
blind lead blind, listen here be mindful, people stop serving, the corpse not deserving
no tatoos, that's not what I choose, make a better move, act out what you prove
way back I lived, like a shoe shine kid, had to leave the toys, just to be the paper boy


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