M.c. j.brown - Real estate rhymes

Real Estate Rhymes

Keep it real and state rhymes, you can find me, goin down my checklist, that's my mind set
The stage of the timing, get to grinding, Agent with the tool kit, I'm out to move this

stay on top of it, It aint' complicated move property, properly set up prepare for the close
solid at the base make a firm presentation, high decoration, hand out placements
lyrical ballistics, shots for your listings, The game umbrella for a real estate seller
leadership class, pass me the coursework, Need resources, laws important
think about enforcement, learn to raise your voices, here go some value, events in your town
My name is J brown, leader of the free world, a little bit of info, you don't have to pimp hoes
get you here learning, on a confidence journey, sharing you the steps, giving you the reps
head up in the process, open up projects, brother here to progress, bringing in the prospects

News of the kit, don't come in here to bogard, buckle down go hard, look upon this flow chart
plans over here, bring demand over there, appriase on the land, transact where you stand
make a down payment, take a picture frame it, now you got game, swag,you name it
now you meet strangers, steady try to sell you, everyday mail you, always trying to tell you
but step back sigh, be ready be the guy, flex where you reach, see sand at the beach
relax, keep calm, got it all in your palm, take a vacation, with the soul plantation
dope beat slap, the earth stay flat, it only get weird if a man show fear
I always like Jennifers sophias and leas, The goal of my soul, stay ripe with ideas

now back to matters the agency data, i'm making appointments, getting doubly jointed
residental worth, investing perfect, if you got a circus, I sell commercial
the team got options, come to the office, we airbb, sell a couch or a tree
I once had a place, rented office space, bucks on the hour, even had a shower
indoor waterhose, place for some flowers, real estate power, storing intel towers
rackmount servers, internet purpose, money make money make money make money
buy under market, splash down some carpet, turn key profit, flip be a boss
show room fresh, you can tour on it virtual, if they like prince, then paint the room purple


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