M.c. j.brown - Boat operator (acapella)

Boat Operator

captain of the ship, I'm the boat operator, ain't you heard the news, bout to take you on a cruise
fantastic voyage, island of your dream, we don't have to paddle,we driftin down the stream
I want everybody scream, and root for your team, secret sauce in the playoffs,Im laid back like a boss
the soul propagater, boat operator, best of all time, j brown on the rhyme

welcome to the fleet, I'm the agent, mix the beat, seats stay filled, we sailin to the village
I'm poppin in the gardens, the flowers, give me power, My name is Jbrown, I host the crackin hour
tour with finess, flexin on them jet skis, cleaning up wtih prestige, can't stand nothing messy
impressive on the island, catch me laid back stylin, smilin sippin quenchers, on these thirsty adventures
schedule the express, ladies dancin on the decks, time for the festive, who gone be the freshes
press the button get the pop up, don't matter if you popular, your feet get the tickles, the movement is official
the buzz cause a ripple, a wave a make me rip stage, blazin on this issue, laced the burger with the pickels
the rhymes are malicia, ya got to have permission, gotta catch the boat, get your float in positon

I broke it down and told ya,explained all the motives, they still say I'm older, brushed me of the shoulder
soul man extraordinaire, in war, all's fair, Afro show love, need to treat me like cousin
I'm here to raise the family, In fact you in here jammin, haters need to vanish, the ones I can't stand em
Listen up yall, I'm a stand though they push me, talk about creation, they scream evolution
the sick hop producer, Im here, better get used ta, pirates in defiance, maritime clients
floatin with the bouancy, the bass I'm here appointing, annointed by oil, brother made from the soil
I often lay rhymes next to water, watch it boil. I often where a hat, though it's made of ten foil
the truth seek extremest, the drop top beamers, I don't keep demons, my prayer game the meanest

I over came the stroke, now I'm back, totally woke, It's all academic, educated with the winners
my team take care of business, respect the intellect, left doubt in the sewars, now I'm takin tours
cold like them mountains, that you usually see on coors, electric, I'm conducting, out here trying to function
pumps hold the pressure, rocognize the sesion, opportune timing, operation hear me rhyming
afro here to shine, even when clandestine, grindin in the shadows, all hours matter
wanna get the loot, get to learn to follow suit, cute people win, fake ones ain't your friend
fumes fill the office, tonight Im not coughin, but I sense something deadly, I' opt to stay readily
soon we see results, to quote me is s a thunder bolt, listen up folks, It's your man, it's the boat


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