M.c. j.brown - Spirit level (acapella)

Spirit Level

time to get it going, get your head up, move along
move with the strong, spirit level to the song
long when I stretch it, baby we connected
calm your soul next to ya, spirit level on the record

keep it fly, d marble, my fans gotta marvel, everything I do, gotta keep it honorable
follow where you fit in, I'm shiny with the glitter, roll with a team, and we all heavy hitters
I'm witcha when you need heat, we reign undefeated, ladies in the front row, please be seated
fine make a difference, meet me at the entranced, entranced in the look, lift here spirits in the hook
cooked up the kraftwerk, It's all about the numbers, 1 2 come and ride with the true
blue water wader, write rhymes for the paper, if I got a lot,then I give some to my neighbor
the capable afro, show you how to master, set template, rewind on the great
picture me the flash back, track no anomoly, ever since a child, i was noted as a prodigy

teach you bout your siblings, health is your wealth, one small step, but the bus just left
legal with the fever, legit on these hits, money in they videos is all counterfiet
I missed on the memo, but they all seem to know, afro is dependable, as far they go
i show time show out, my clout well distinguished, fronters feel threatened, my status is a weapon
it aint bout the hearsay, I aint the one to play with, I come through controllin, get the temp rolling
prone to cut the record, give the crowd a second chance, to get up on the groove, and teach us how you move
I steps with it recognize, my ladies at my side, we constantly bumpin, cause her hips really wide
get live with it grown folk, wreck it like your reppin, right here that's a fact, that's where the party at

late night, it's grind time, unwinding to fine wine, I line up my ducks, entertain in the flux
Afro que up the tracks, the back breakin slappers, this dj right here, really know what's happening
take a miss independent, her friends in attendance, paint a fresh picture, every nite a rembrant
planes can't land, the earth steady spinnin, then I woke up, saw the truth started winning
welcome to the synergy, the current that's a benefit, quick hit fire, wont' you catch me on the highwire
gram folk official, get my buzz on elevate, share a link stream, till my dollars stack routine
the route to the finals, hinges on the timing, from the rodeway inn, in Gardena I been rhyming
feeling the attraction, the pancake factory, tryin to get my mac, on baby fat stacks


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