M.c. j.brown - Thoughts make things

Thoughts make things
Shout Sing, Thoughts Make Things, Shout Sing, Thoughts Make Things
Shout Sing, Thoughts Make Things, Shout Sing, Thoughts Make Things

Aint no debating, destined for greateness, wake up and face this, accept yourself
Body stay healthy, mindset wealthy, ability limitless, fundamental premises
overflowing joy, I can do anything, keep up the habits, reach out and grab it
everything happening, endless opportunity, the vibrant soul, I take my life's control
people have faith, that I bring strong bass, blessed with friends that I do embrace
everytime I'm rapping, create happiness, appreciate life and the things that's nice
I live for a purpose, one small step, can lead to the fresh, when you do your best
Got to give when I can, 110th tithes plan, hold up your hands, show love to the fans

Strong Affirmations, for Your Life, Jubwa Nation, enough of the ruff, bring the proper stuff
Believe in the dream, stream creativity, you gotta bring value, to move the crowd
mentally muscle, trust yourself, the universe must, giveit up or else
freedom rings, Thoughts Become Things, I do my very best, baby step to success
making a little progress, update my process, learn from mistakes, now I serve your taste
step up to the plate, appreciate, open up your heart, let love plead a case
The taste make you grateful, you're blessed with a plateful
Everything starts when you play your part, self satisfaction, the groove gain traction

stand here responsible, for the best to come, it is a miracle to wake up and stay motivated
daily actions shape up your practice, have A Reason To Smile, your attitude style
Think of all the good things, life is key, get a hobby worth something to set you free
My Goals for Today to Accomplish Something, Spit a dope rhyme, get the whole house jumpin
the benefit of hindsight, Maintain your friends, make it all happen, when you trust within
aint to please others so don't compromise, Im wired to the T, and I be who I be
Thoughts make things, champs get rings, Johnny sport a fro, with the ultra sheen
the one with the flow, you are what you is though, thoughts make things and that's how it go


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