Twelfth Gate - Innocent

Your blood lust is your undoing
What makes you better men than them?
So protected; the best of everything
But those stains won't leave your shoes
The crumbling earth under your feet
Rumbling earth... protect the innocent

Making deep wounds
The loathing of you is so easy to do
Practice eternal hate
We don't cultivate, just give you the tools
Then watch it on TV

No one will stand and condemn
We'll keep it quiet because we're doing so good
But our future was sold
Has anyone noticed that the melting pot has boiled over?
Will someone lower the flame?

Innocent in the line of fire
Paid for by the stolen dollar
Innocent in the line of fire

You're guilty as sin
But the money keeps rolling in
Uneasy in my easy chair
I stare in disbelief

Oh will no one stand up, and stop this line of fire

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