M.a.b nunu - Ten toes

I thought I never ever see the day
I fall in love trynna keep a smile on your face
You drive me crazy but you know you always been my baby
I love that shit call you my wife want you to have my baby
Make sure a nigga focused last bitch only wanted fame
I told you I don't trust shit cause bitches running game
You told me you don't want shit but want my last name
Keep it one hunnid with me got you till death call my name
I know you been hurt in the past fuck your last nigga
Introduce you to the life of a money ave nigga
Big bag nigga never been the type to brag with it
Show you real love show you how to get that bag bigger
Look you was down before I had a name
My mama love you even let you rock my fucking chain
And even when I hurt you you never left you stayed the same
Fucking with these others hoes a nigga gotta be insane
Lately I been really out here trippin with these bitches
You say you know they don't mean shit so you aint really trippin
I know right from wrong its really on me for the way im living
Im not trynna loose you to no temporary bitches
We don had talks about this shit
Member when I met yo fam funny feeling its a risk
Never knowing how to feel you had a nigga in the mix
I swear that shit it left me heartless how im posed to live this shit
I really see it now I swear forever im trynna be around
It aint to many like you love the way you hold me down
I told you that you got my heart till im in the ground
When it come to you I swear to god I don't play around

Writers: M.A.B NuNu

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