G-boy - Peons

Big body with big guns
None of these pussies are on the same shit that we be on
These n***** are peons
Always stay lowkey so non of these people can't see us
Don't know what we be on
I'm chillin I'm posted like n**** whats bracking
You know how we coming you know how we rockin lil bitch
Shoutout my n***** and shoutout that thottie that gave me some toppy last night lil bitch
I got zeros, zeros, zeros, mm
Zeros all up on my bank, heh
I pulled up on you 1 on 1, and then you went running away

So tell me if you really with it
Or you be actin for the gram
Oh and yo bitch she be saying she love me, she say she my number one fan
Laid back but just know I ain't playing, I put that shit up on the gang
And if you faking the shit that you say you be doing, well just know that we will not hang

I got people that say they my homies, yet they don't know when I'm going insane
They don't get all the pain that I go through
But I promised that I stayed the same

You gotta know what you doing cause people gon try to play you
Dap you up and act like you cool
Then try to play you like a fool

So you gotta be at 100, noting all it like you be in school
Shoutout the mob that's the gang, I promise them n***** been true
If I say that I got you, I got you
I don't ask for shit in return
And i promise I'm hotter than satan
When you hear me I bet it's gone burn
When they see me I be breaking necks
In laredo I got all connects
So non of you n***** are threats
Pull up on me you getting shot down, and yo n***** I promise they're next

Writers: Gabriel Mares

Lyrics © DistroKid

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