Forte rashad - Happy tears

Sun coming out
Came out a drought, you know it
I been bumping Jay-Z for a little while now
Just cause' he give me the flow, he give me the gold
I get up off the floor and get some more, yeah (Yeah)
I'm feeling good cause' I been drinking more water
Living everyday like, today, I'm just gon' go farther
Chilling with my partners, they unbothered with no father
Babygirl think her little booty is getting larger
Call me Mr. Car Wash cause' I'm just rolling through it
When you got an idea, the hardest thing is to go and do it
Music that's in my phone files, just tryna' pursue it
Push it till' it's moving
Sticking to it, like I glued it
After putting in the work, I'm living life so free and breezily
Dissed me in my face, but in the end, she winded up pleasing me
She want to lick the tip, I got doubloons in my Fruity Looms
Feeling like a pirate, floating in this fly ship
Oh, oh, oh my silk so smooth
And I'm wiping all my Happy Tears (Happy tears)
So glued to this life that I chose to live, I choose
To light up while I cry, or you can leave baby
Or you can leave baby
Or you can leave baby

Writers: De'Aree Harris

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