Forte rashad - Exodus (feat. zufu/4so)

I feel like I'm trapped in a foreign land
But my heart and my mind in the motherland
And it feel like I'm always traveling
Got a wood' in my other hand
And I'm chilling with my brotherman
Putting rubberbands on the Rubberbands
Negativity all around (Around)
So I'm focusing my mind on something other than (Other than)
Imagination Butterflies fluttering (Fluttering)
I got peace in the mind
While the world's out of line
And the demons getting hit by the minivan
If you really tryna go and get a million
And music is my medicine
And, at three AM, I let it settle in
So I hop off the bike I was peddling
Hop in the truck then I
Try to push the pedal in (I'm gone)
Them late night drives really be giving me peace and I need it
So I smoke my peace while I'm singing
Cause' I move so fast I need to slow shit down
So I use my tree as relievement
And I light it up
I light it up
Babygirl you want to light it up
The weight on my back need to lighten up
Are my dreams really gonna take flight or what
And I keep a lighter under my butt still lighting the blunt
I work harder than any man
Laying in the bed staring at the ceiling fan
Tryna brainstorm up me a money plan
Life, love, and light is like honey man
Yeah, it's sweet but I keep getting stuck again

Writers: De'Aree Harris

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