Tamia - Theres a strange in my house

Verse 1: I dont understand,
You look just like the man,
In the picture, by our bed.
The suspense is pounding,
and clouding up my head.

I'm checkin' your clothes
and you wear the same size shoe,
You sleep in his spot, And your driving his car
But I don't know just who you are

Chorus: There's a stranger in my house,
Took a while to figure out
There's no way you can be who you say you are
You gotta be someone else

Cause he wouldnt touch me like that
And he wouldn't treat me like you do
He would adore me, He wouldn't ignore me
So I'm convinced there's a stranger in my house.

Verse 2: Don't show who you are,
And see a shadow around when you walk
You leave with no kisses, goodbye wit no words
If these walls could talk,
they would have nothing to tell

So what could it be,
is there someone imatating me?
Could she be taking my place,
look me in the face
And tell me that I'm wrong when I say
:Chorus repeat 1x:

Pop Quiz: Tell me where we first kissed,
Tell me where my spot is
Tell me if I liked it, loved it or could it be,
That the stranger is me?
Have I changed so drastically?
Is it I want more from me and you reamin the same!!!

:CHORUS repeat 2x:

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