Y.b.c - Battlefield (feat. ksg lowkey)

Gang blue gangstas bitch
You know what the fuck goin' on
You know what the fuck goin' on
Mayham ina back gangsta
I got Reason ina cut
Pussy stop testing yuh luck
& stop lying to people cuz nigga we up
We always outside we jus creep
& you ain't do shit to us so how is it beef
This ain't no a place we could meet
It's a battlefield pussy get left ina street
Won't make a post or a tweet
I point out them fuu niggas them 7s gone eat
Jus trynna stay low chasing' gwap
But when it's a set bitch we chasin' opps
Stack up tha bread fuck cops
Bitch we Ona mission to get to tha top
Told Seven go fa da win
My bro road runnin' to get tah tha M's
That bitch nigga dissing' again
Pussy go get a bag if u ain't gone spin
Won't pay attention to him
You know bout them 7s they shoot wit a grin
Pussy you know how me move
You know how we rock & you know how we do
Ina party bitch where is the 2s
You try to save them we going throu you
Don't make me tell Curry to shoot
Or Ill call lil Draco cuz he crazy too
You could take a look in my eyes what you see I bet chu say evil
I'm stuck n a battlefield it's no way out so I make sure I walk wit some lethal
You could test it out if you want you dumb you'll leave out bald like a eagle
Fuck niggas they talk too much y'all cap for the book y'all lookin' like divas
They know who bringing the pressure
Every opp gotta die I won't let up
Y'all GetRight k so when you walkin' pls make sure you walk wit yo head up
So I fuck these commas up n buy alotta stuff then I hit my dance
We spint y'all block y'all know who da fuck it was
Pls don't end up like the last opp
Y'all know the last opp got shot
How many niggas we done boomed
Got the scope ona glock n it zoom
When they hear this yall camp doomed
Lowkey sent a nigga tah the moon
Be wise if you run up on me
We got sticks don't fuck wit the team
These poles put pussies tah sleep
This live action this not a dream
You could die fr this not tv
I got 33 like I'm Kareem
Don't shoot from a distance call me Gasol
I can't leave a witness he seen it all
Clip a bitch if she tell don't be appalled
I can't switch my team I'm not lonzo ball
If my niggas down they know who to call
If my 7s down they know who to call
Clip a bitch if she tell don't be appalled
I can't switch my team I'm not lonzo ball
Gang 7up
You know how tf we rocking
Gang 7up

Writers: Kasaan Clarke , Marcus Weston

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