Y.b.c - Outro(tf7)

Damn we at the outro already
I just wanna start this off by saying
Fuck 2020
Rest In Peace to my peoples
And free my 7s
Pavement gang
Now that you heard tha tape
It's bout time I buy me a wraith
I done gave y'all 17 songs lemme spit while I smoke this 8th
I can't give up on my people for me they got so much faith
Even if dis tape do blow I'm Chxbz Doe till I lay
I'ma bring my love ones too like come on we outta this state
I got to find a way
My town I can not stay
I swear I love my gang
& I'm still making plays
Sometimes I sit & pray
We gone be find jus wait
After this tape lemme know if y'all really feel me
I'm just trynna let y'all get to know the real me
No ion do no interviews but I might meet & greet
Yeah I got fans so but nothing over here is sweet
If it's lit no tweeting hit my line we meet
Check yuh bushes if it's up my 7s gonna creep
I'm not gone join the industry & be no dummy nigga
Can't no faggot ass deal get me with money nigga
GetRight 718 Boyz are pocket chubby nigga
All my 7s leaders no we not no flunky niggas
I gotta watch my back cuz I'm not just anybody
I know a dweeb a kill me to be a somebody
No I can't slip at all I keep that rocket by me
& if I ever slip my 7s tweaking bout me
I told my GOD gimmie chance I'll use my power right
Tales from Seven this my outro got my project right
I need a grill rose gold not no cheap price
My diamonds gotta gloss so when I smile it's super bright
My pops the reason when I spend I do not take it lite
Palm trees & nice weather what we imagine
I wanna move us away where we don't need a gadget
Every day I want us dipped out in higher fashion
Need us in a mansion chillin' & playing madden
A nice house with 9 plus rooms none average
Watch my lifestyle change shhhhh I call it magic
Mom Pops I got us
Told my 7s we up next nigga sit tight

Writers: Kasaan Clarke

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