Awest - Driip (radio/ clean)

I've been tryna lay low late with you
You don't play them games what it do tho
I be tryna come over ya crib late 'oh I'
Don't you trip I got chu Ella mai'ed up
When you see my face you be so excited so excited
Damn I feel the same I swear I can't deny it
Holding my feelings back I probably can't provide that
To get you off my mind I might need some exotic
Spending Time with fam and friends ya say
Hold ya pride and all ya thoughts can wait
All these days and all this time we got
Let's be patient instead of tryna get inside
This tsunami it's gonna be so funny when I see you running
I should've listen when you told me but I
I just wanna let you know I'm all in all in it
To make it up to you I bought you St. Laurent yeah that's it
Oon be knowing but I know I got a clue
You be Trippin so I know I got a you
U be wet lets see what that drippy do
Enough of that lets see what that drippy do
Drip dripping no finessing drip dripping I'm obsessed with you I'm obsessed with you
Bump funk flex when I'm next to ya when I'm next
You don't compare with the rest of em don't compare to em
Say baby what it do
I thank God I got with you you
Too true change my mind to
Too cool that's my new boo
You don't compare to the rest to the rest of em
Got that drool wit ah drip know finesse to it
Got that drip no finesse to it

Writers: Antonio Johnson

Lyrics © DistroKid

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