Justice cow - Sink your teeth in

Sink your teeth in
Stepped on oxygen
Hold me over hold me over till the morning
Will recover will recover
Sink your teeth in
Maybe meet in person take in my oxygen
Bend me over bend me over till the morning
Sloppy sweaty bodies slink to pieces
Take me to cities
Age with your stories
Pull me over pull me over drink the moment
Sink and swim and fall I'd like to sink my teeth in
Unhinge our future
Rip up the roots of
Tumbleweed and dandelions get the picture
Spread my legs and spread the message rip the roots up
Bright as the first light
Don't wince and don't fight
Hold your gut and spill your guilty on the sidewalk
Pull apart and wipe your mouth and rip the roots up
Ahh ahh ahh
Get so wrapped up show me where I was
Get back to this love
Get back to us
Turn back the clock
Undo my lust
Undo my thoughts
Get back to us
Calling my bluff
Show me I'm love
Show me I'm love
I am enough

Writers: Jessica Kion

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