Y.b.c - City of da opps

30 Wit me
Lowkey ina cut
And you know we got Spazz wit us
Wait Im savin' that bag for a Tommy
Glock got kick ain't talking karate
Since 13 my niggas been naughty
If he hide out we plot on his mommy
Of course for Flacko Im adding a k
If they see my opps it go tha same way
We fuck the Wooo's some of them rockin' gray
Bullets spread like corona it enter yo face
Wooo let's tell the truth
You neva slide boy you neva shoot
Free H2M he let off 10 you let off 1 and ran out yuh shoes
TNO 7up GetRight mood
GrayLyfe Brooklyn shout out Woo
Ina trap wit tha gang cooking up soup
Ina trap wit tha gang whipping up soup
I could show you what to do in the kitchen
Or bang on the Smithin let's go ona mission
Momma she trippin' she calling me bastard
Cuz I'm toting guns and I hang wit them blasters
I'm not a rapper bitch I am a trapper you think
I'm a pastor the fiends follow after
Bitch I'm a stepper they gotta do better
We banging broad day and we bang on who eva
Think they move smarter but we moving clever
Let's wrap this shit up and then tie em together
Catch me a 2 and it's bound that I wet em
Them hollow tips chase him and im yelling get em
He said that's his mans so I hope that he wit em
I hope he right there when my niggas come kill em
Wait now Smash he really a thug
If I tell em shoot he coming n clutch
Gone off opp pack this shit got me numb
When I got that bag I spent it on drugs
Bitch said she liking the way that I stunt
When she top me off her hair n a bun
If she get annoying then her friend the one
She do what I say I fuck when I want
We take dubs and they take shots
We get M's and they do not
All I know is reach the top
I trap too much can't have a job
This the city of the opps
We spin blocks and they lose tops
We clip opps and they on fox
And we keep poles and they on watch
Throw back a 10 I'm feeling like him
Crippin' so hard they think I'm a pimp
My name got big like it's in the gym
Big 50 on me so I walk wit a limp
We pearling woods tha size of cigars
Pop me a perk now I'm feelin charged
They on my dick cuz YB a star
I'm wit two bitches and 30 got parts
I'm wit Squad we up till the morning
We armed and dangerous we giving no warning
We getting money now aye thing foreign
We got 12 mad hope they don't start swarming
I think they mad the 7s be scoring
I can't be locked team need us like Jordan nigga
Bitch streets active comin' soon
Stop tellin
Get back gang
City of the opps nigga

Writers: Kasaan Clarke , Jay-Son Freeman

Lyrics © DistroKid

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