Y.b.c - Quarantine vibez

O yeah that's her
That's how you be saying it 30
Free the guys free the guys
Always remember what ever a rat say don't matter
I'm in the booth wit my nigga PH Kaos and Mayham rolling up yuh homie yuh heard
Gangsta GrayLyfe shit
You know what the fuck going on free Drac
They all wanna be GetRight it's to late for that
You really down go put a nigga face ona map
I know a nigga that claimed mmm now his ass rat
I refuse to bite my tongue I just refuse to cap
Opp nigga did too much so now he in my wrap
Bajan bitch send me pussy pics she with it all
I only fucked her once now everyday she call
I got messages with D.R saying we gone ball
His mother gone get what she want I know she so appalled
2019 Hurt me bad but 2020 raw
Started out with deaths & Ls what could be the cause
Ended with my 7s facing numbers fuck the law
Chumps left after that my heart will never thaw
Listen I'm the cleanest round here no you can't touch me
I'm so fly even Bol Bol couldn't touch me
I got niggas that wouldn't hesitate to buss me
That's a wrong move don't you that to New Jersey
Cuz I got niggas that murk then say Jersey
My 7s come through swinging reckless with them 30s
That fie hit em boom bang his brain levitated
Every bullet touched his face just cuz he was hating
Y'all was sleep that's the reason I was underrated
This man a rat how and why is he over rated
Ace and 36 at yuh top like some loose Jamaicans
Pill drop before the drill now we activated
Asbury hell on earth it left me traumatized
Sometimes I sit and wonder who gone really fucking ride
On that block we on ten protecting our lives
Cuz any time of the day one of us could die
We want a goofy to slide through watch how his face fry
They couldn't find his face when they reached the homicide
My life on replay it's movin' counter clockwise
Asbury something you could never visualize
Can't believe this nigga told you really broke the code
I'm ashamed of myself I used to call you bro
Any gangsta shit you do that shit will never hold
Gave them A's when they asked them Q's you hella bold
The way we finna take off they gone be saying woah
Get in that room I don't know I could never fold
Rats walk around free the streets super cold
I'm ona 5th with Flacc and Most High rollin' hella spliffs
Eli Racks and Zay on point don't get yuh face lift
They brought the GetRight to the floss the block hella lit
Real recognize real but y'all know that shit
Put D.R ina song I'm coming to yuh crib
I got that call about my brother I had lost some air
Thought to myself at night I couldn't hold the tears
One day I'ma take that trip and put they block in fear
For my brothers I go nuts I'll t'up anywhere
Spruce boy I been that you wasn't ova dere
I'm connected with my 7s I can't show fake love
If they need some I come in clutch
If you can't say the same u need to give it up
Took a oath with my 7s I ain't switching up
Aye time a body drop they blame it on us
That 7Shotz in they ear no they can't get enough
Y.B.C 718 they can't stop me
I got Trauma ina back with a big beam
If u need work shop open what you coppin
Lock the door cuz when you leave cuz 12 be watching
I gotta get this gwap for my family
Since Joyce left its none but agony
Rocket on me cuz they wanna cancel me
I'm gone find a way follow this strategy
Follow this strategy pussy maybe you'll get some money
If you live and don't get no bread what's the cause
Quarantine Vibez

Writers: Kasaan Clarke

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