G-box da smoke - Emotions

Kush by the oz, bitch u don't know me
Do dirt by my lonely I face no trials wit no CO'ds
I don't fuck wit rats or the snakes better yet police
I be on ma own shit tho I fuck wit the homies
I move wit an army but catch me now on ma solo yes
A king I take ur queen have her suck on ma mojo wet
Blunts up in a cypher is cool homie I dolo best
Lookin like a fly guy high ash on ma polo shirt
Lost a lot of people I share ma tears on the same song
Puff a lot of blunts game leafs making ma pain gone
Life is like a circle I hope it loop around twice
But ain't dumb enuff to let a nigga slide or get back twice
Took ma wrongs to the left got corrected tryna get back rite
Words from ma emotions, ma devotion to get ma life rite
Easily to get distracted, attracted to the finer things
Cowardly hearts for the weak, give up that shiny ring

2020 I lost a part of me nigga
2020 I lost ma granny in November
Had me think about them days on the phone conversations wit nana
She happy asking the kid to come home
Roll a doobie puff the smoke thru the dome, up to the moon
Ma regrets I couldn't make it to see ma Nana soon
Get in tune I play the streets wit ma heart
I got caught up so tell ma Nana forgive me I live ma life thru the dark
You get humbled by the smoke wen I spark, originality light this
I'm vocal wit the rhymes like I don't write shit
I'm munchin better this music is jus ma side dish
Lyrically jus a sample so murtherfucker come try this
I stand alone in this room watching these 4 corners
I gave my life to this shit, bless by ma forefathers
Emotions wat I speak thru these speakers
I turn fans to believers, I'm here to give to the seekers

Writers: Kwabena Boateng

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