Fear my name - Counting the caskets

Its the the thirteenth of November
The dead of the fall
Amityville, Long Island in '74
And I am haunted, I'm tortured
I'm hearing voices
They tell me to murder my family
These thoughts are fucking poison
And I'm possessed by the spirit of a heartless witch
It strings me along just like a twisted marionette
So I'll do my job, another bullet in my .35
Lock and load, then send them to the afterlife
It's 3:15 in the morning
And without conscience or warning
I blew my family away
Now I'm counting the Caskets
To lay them to sleep
Lucifer witness the sickness in me
One by one they all began to drop
Because "once I started I just couldn't stop"
Laying them face down
Never to be heard
With their backs turned to god
As I chant these words
Catch them and kill them
One by one
I'll catch them and kill them and drag them to hell
Pulling the trigger was the biggest rush I've ever felt
Now I'm counting the caskets
Reload, then blow them away
Send them to the devil
The voices have ceased and I'm left with the mess
I've called the police, I need to confess
My alibi is as concrete as my sanity
And I when I die
I pray the devil welcomes me

Writers: Trent Piatek

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