Dre haze - Broken pieces

Your heart is broken, I can see the pieces
Falling from your chest
Now your soul is cold,
That you could catch your death
They said they loved you
But the truth is that they only love themselves
Another truth for me and you
Is we deserve something else
Lay beside me, I'll confide in you
Promise me you'll keep it
No one knows my broken soul
Is missing so many pieces

Tried to mend ya heart
And glue the broken pieces by yourself
Along the road you found a soul
That offered you some help
Spent some time together
Through the years, you both began to heal
The way you feel when they're near
Is a feeling you feel nowhere else
Now you're whole again and free to fall
Madly in love
The way they hold you and console
Feels better than any drug

Writers: Andre Hayes jr

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