Drelly - Betty street freestyle

They said I couldn't do it I did it
Know they hate to see me winning
They somewhere practing scrimmage
Picture this image
My bank account filled with millions
While u down bad whipping a civic
I'm living so vivid
See it perfect with a vintage
My crib no it ain't rented
Gucci my fitted
She get down and I lick it
These diamonds on me and they drippin
It feel like a freezer in here
Pass the reefah in here
They can't breathe round here
Fly like a breeze round here
Drip like the seas round here
Get what u need round here
Lemme switch up the flow
Know these niggas be cappin
They all with the talk
But be zero wit action
When I run up on u
Ain't nothing gone happen
I might Put u in a caption
Think it's zias how that glock get reacting
With the bodies finding fragments
Had his momma asking niggas what happened
Goofy niggas with the acting
Niggas mad cuz my name getting traction
I will not give a reaction
Cuz niggas 12 and they really be absent
In the field
They don't be putting in work
If a nigga run up on me
Imma put him in the dirt

Writers: Drelly , Deshawn Cox

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