Y.rome - Crown (feat. mr.kraft)

Uh -huh
Let's go
I said weed in the morning tastes like cereal
And we wake up before the sun rise
Our hearts still beating hard  from last night
The consequences it takes to make strides 
I believe in all of my guys
 I get high but Kalel could fly
This is for nigas who rap to survive
 I believe in all of my guys 
There's some consequences you taking for flying out to Vegas
Ain't you married miss Johnson why you out in Vegas 
Cause all these nigas do dirt with no time
And all the wives do dirt in hard times
There are consequences you taking for the d out In Vegas
I was patiently waiting they was quick to be hating 
They was making IG famous
And I was on on live entertainment
And they was on live entertaining
And I just got my mind on my paper
And I just keep my mind on my paper 
And they was making IG famous
And they was on on live entertainment
They was doing on line entertaining niga
The cycle continues 
Will people still follow 
Drowning in pain 
Still can't breathe through our sorrows
I knew all this time
Yes I knew all this time
(On my) On my head lays a crown
On my head lays a crown
I knew all this time
Yes I knew all this time
On my On my head lays a crown
On my head lays a crown
Remaining the same but I'm  still growing (Uh-huh)
I was born with the vision I been focused
My soul stone granted I been solid
You bitch niggas made a whole living off dick riding
You adult stars now so you thinking you lit (Uh-uh)
Guess I respect it cause you making a flip
I always played the back seat but never playing the bench
Make a cameo when needed (Right)
I mean everybody know who Stan lee is
Bigwig shit
That's why you never see me every meeting(Uh-uh)
I rather be laying up then playing the block
known to get the job done without the prettiest shot so doubt me
Look but I was just like you (Word)
Putting on for the net caught up in the cycle(Damn)
Felt like the one I'm the author of the Bible(Uh-huh)
You better check ya ego it's only one Neo(It's me)
That's why I stay holding it down(What else)
Keep it Harlem everywhere I'm putting on for the town(Harlem)
If I had some war scars I'd walk with a smile
Cause my aura the most high it's never letting me down
Let me adjust my crown

Writers: Tom Barnes , Ben Kohn , Peter Norman Cullen Kelleher , GAVIN RAGNAR BRYNMOR JONES , Andreas Moe

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