Danny goring - The lamb becomes the lion

The eastern wind was blowing
All across the plains
Into the Summer land
You could feel the change a-comin'
In the sigh of trees
And rumblings in the land
And the trusted souls
That tilled the earth for years
Swore that they never lacked for grain
But for months and months on end
The fields lay dry
Not one drop of rain

Mother, can't you hear me?
There's a storm outside
It's breaking down my door
The well's run dry
The beasts have flown
The crops lie in the fields
But grow no more
And the ties that bind
Are loose and frayed
Yet tight and taught
Around my neck and skin
And the ground on which I walk
Is raising dust
And merry hell
Comes dancing in

They say a strange beast walks abroad
Through wood and vale
Encircling field and pen
Preying on the fearful minds
Who have no cause to doubt
Their own thinking
While in hallowed halls
The faithful sit
And ruminate upon a rod of iron
As the watchman at the gate
Discerns from far
The lamb become a lion
The lamb become a lion
The lamb become a lion
The lamb become a lion

Writers: Danny Goring

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