Anger is a gift - Enchained

Enchained by illusions of the great beyond
They obey the ones who pray the word
Sacrifice your worthless life to this divinity
Or it will break your will

Incinerating anything that offers resistance
While their choir chants of incarnation
Their choir it chants of incarnation

All those who died in the name of god
Pretext for rape and murder
To demonstrate the power of god

Your time has come to ensure to their lord

False promises made to enslave
Suffer through this existence and you will be saved
Kneel down to your lord
But I won't bow to a faceless fiction
You won't find a light 6 feet under, no

The storm had barley ceased
As there appear emergant Cathedrals
That tower above the signs of the oppressed
An trace of corpses lead out of hers to deter the masses to leave
And the undying speaks
'Like a plague it will defile their land
Tolerate a black sheep I will not
Become evident in the herd and be buried
The ones who wont bow will be annihilatet'
Emergant Cathedrals, a gather for the enslaved

Gorged and Greased they enrich themselfes on the fruits
Of this cruel invention
All those who died in the name of god
Pretext to gain wealth and power

They have come to pave the living and rule the earth
There shall be no salvation

Writers: Paul Tresselt

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