F-ether & uazit - Sick shooter (horsepower, pt. i) [feat. olyn]

Get in the carriage
Cuz this house is not a home
Would have much preferred a helping hand
Than a double tap
To the dome

I feel disparaged
This body no longer seems my own
Left stranded in a desert
Hoping for a quick death
While I'm all alone

It's an oasis
As I approach it turns to crumbled stone
The pool of water that reflected sun
Becomes nothing more
Than a vast unknown

I'm lost
Without awareness
Ghosts appear when I'm on my own
Floating through a town of hollowed faces
Where mirrors splinter
Like broken bone

I need some horsepower
Lord knows I need it
Just take me to a head doctor
Before my blood starts bleeding

Sick shooter
Quick looter
Holes left in my vacant chest
Fill an empty heart
Made by a broken home

Straight shooter
Hate tutor
I brought a knife to a fucking gunfight
Just to cut you apart
So you'd leave me alone

We need more horsepower
Lord knows I need it
Just get me to a hospital
Before my heart stops beating

I can't go on
I can't turn back
This hate is hellfire
In my saddle bag

I'm awake at night
Can't rest for days
While I can hear that pig
Sleeping three rooms away

Oh no
Get out
Right now

Quick to turn my head around my shoulder
Deferring help every time I'm asked
I look thoughtful and I act much older
But I've lost a nature that I can't get back

Sick to my stomach at the thought of living in my home
I'd love to run away and never come back
Straight to the knife where I find my solace
I hate that its sharp edge is what I lack

Just get me the gunpowder
Before my hate stops seething


Writers: Skyler Heck

Lyrics © DistroKid

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