Oukoseason - Cheza na mali freestyle (kinyua episode 1)

Ouuu yea
The way you be looking the pot must be cooking
(Ah ah)
Your mama was right the way you be moving
It's suicide
Dammit girl
It's do or die
The pussy be talking
The pussy be speaking
The pussy on slang of mine
Dripping and drowning
Yea you be styling
Yea you be clean
She getting top ramming
When I'm eating my ramen
Ouu yea style is impeccable
The way I be rhyming
Mangeus wanachezwa
Wanakuja na Mali

Unajuana na nani
Kuja karibu
Sema vizuri
Kabla usiku wa mananne
Jua ni hali, mbwa ni kali
Cheza usiku wa shetani
Bora uhai
Buda unajua hufai
Kunitaja maneno
Ama kunitaja urai

Getting the bread getting the money
Yea you know I'm feeling alright
Final destination
Had to crash land in them thighs
Final five
Flying high when I'm puffing them kites
Pussy niggas ain't talking
They be fishing for likes

Oh shit goddam
Looking back understand I'm the man
Flipping bricks
Yea I'm chasing the lick
And your bitch
Yea she was riding my dick

And I told em bring it back
Talking that shit I'm feeling bad
Mike Jack
Sipping on Jack
Faded to black
Oh my goodness
Walking my talking
Now I'm getting hot topic
What do you mean
Look at my gleam
Flipping white clean
Getting the dose
When I be moving I'm a codeine fiend
Purp out
Mouse trap
Bitch I'm chasing the cheese
Getting the dough
Getting the bread nigga look at my Fit
Got your bitch
And she riding my dick

Writers: Nathan Ouko

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