The Sugarcubes - Dream TV

Last night, I woke up,

I'm a T.V.

Last night a good dream woke me up

I was entertained and smiled
Jumped straight out of my bed
Humming this and that
And got myself a glass of water

Transforming T.V.

And sat down in my favourite chair
And kept smiling but not for long

Transforming T.V.

Because I realised that all my dreams are
Nothing but the repetition
Of last week's television

I was no longer amused by, by my dream.

I'm on my knees

Like a lame turtle I paced the room

Down on all four follows

Who was disturb, I must without


Knowledge I could only blame myself
And no one else

Thrust out through my forehead

Tried to sleep again,
He can, he can, no,
Not a dream, not again
But then remembered
That all my dreams are
Nothing but the repetition
Of last week's television.

I've turned into a T.V,
My screen is smiling,
To get your attention,
I want you.
Ohoh I'm a TV

So I jumped out of my bed
And into the T.V. room
And in my anger
Threw the T.V. set out the window
Regretted instantly
Because this was a brand new 26 inch T.V.
Set in my bed once again,
Couldn't sleep
Because all my life,
All my dreams had gone out the window
With this new T.V. set

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