M-burb - 1st quarter

Non fiction I be moving like Bruce Wayne
Re up on Cocaine for the Lo man
Lo main all on my plate
I'm running like Usain in and out of the state
Look in the mirror you who to blame you not in my place
This ain't a race this a marathon
9 Bands in my carry on
9 Hundred more in my girl go yard

I had to tell em what I be bout
Had a plan that went left I had to re rout
I had to get back focused just to move better
When it was tension I handled it like May Weather
I thought I told you that I'll never drop
I put my logo on my Sandals and I'll never flop
Nigga I was in the bando
You was singing to the cops like

Had to catch em at a stop like
Na it ain't a stop light
Red n green beams on ya bean
Yea the sites right
Nigga you can die where you stand go night night
Took the stand on ya man
We know you the Cop type
You was hype you was neva bout that
Said you was a hunnid you gon have to re count that
Said you had stripes where ya scars at I doubt that

Pepe le pew with the loud smoke
I ain't gotta say shit you gon hear me tho
Still get it on the dolo
Only rapper sold more dope than me
Was Ralo
We know how ya girl go
Before she rock my mic she rub the wood Apollo
You follow, it's Capo


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