Watson park - Safer means of travel

Lost my way out just as soon as I came
Calm but starting to feel homesick
Bracing for a truth to take me hostage
You might never ever get back
And I can't deny
Much of this was done by my own doing
I can't take it back

Compromising on the dreams that saved me
Feeling like a different person
Traded youth for some false sense of safety
While learning all of the wrong lessons
It all tastes the same
And firewood could burn me to my marrow
And I'm losing sleep

Every moment's longer than the last one
And I've lost all desire to see it
Thought I was capable of perfect balance
But I should never have believed that
It's apparent now
I've made myself into someone who I can't help

And now it's here to stay

Writers: Evan Ringle

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