Nokite - I'll be there soon

Walk me to the service road
Let me see the alcohol move
The nicotine is rushing to my head
I feel like a balloon
And I've got something permanently
Lodged inside my chest I suppose
The text on my phone's an excuse
I can no longer use
Put it down to all the things I haven't done
That I need to do
I'll wait outside for you
I'm over it
I think you are too
And I want to hear my voice
Splattered in prose
Sleeping under your nose
For the night
She said darling I
Know you too well sometimes
I just smile and agree
Knowing she'll never see how I see
And if I'm war
Well, that makes you strife, but Christ
If there ain't more to this
Than what I'm seeing tonight
I'll be there soon
I'll be there soon
Got some things to do
Without you

Writers: Harry Geeves

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