The stills - Still in love song

We were lovers
We were kissers
We were holders of hands
We were make-believers
Just losing time
And you said you'd rather live in tv land
Than say that you care but you don't
That's heartless and
I will not cry

But I'm still in love
I'm still in love
I'm still in love
I'm still in love

Your dreams of acting on screen
What do they mean?
You'll be dancing senseless in your bedroom
You'll find yourself out of a job
And before too long you'll be selling lemonade
To the overpaid


I'm still in love…

I remember
It was summer
I was out of my head
But you weren't
You're selfish and
A waste of space


Writers: Narada Michael Walden , JEFFREY COHEN

Lyrics © Inc. , Warner/Chappell Music

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