V!n$ynt - "breakup routine" s2:e7

Life is like a movie, the only difference is the titles when it starts
And everybody got they role, you just couldn't play your part
I mean
Even the costar cant be in every scene
When the part of the script calls for no dialougue, all ya ass wanna do is intervene
Please quiet on the set
I'm After these dreams, and stacking this green, and acquiring all this debt
My plan b is to complete plan a, whether hustlin' all hard in the streets all day
Two full time jobs getting Two week pay, mixtapes out the trunk, ugh
Cheat codes couldn't get em on my level
Pose to be the eve to my adam, but you busy talking to the devils
Feeding into them haters, messing with ya fruits of labor
I'm Busy going superhard with my godly flow manefesting that super paper
So I'm ambitious on my mission talking bout i'm fuckin bitches
Is that what you think i do this shit for
I'm tryin' to get dollar signs like shift 4
So now the time is spent, fighting, fussing arguments
You think i really want to come home to this after being out here working hard as shit

You tried teaching me a lesson but i ain't with that stressing
Like a curse and a blessing
Cuz you kept fuckin up the routine
Yeah she kept fuckin up the routine
The routine
I was trying grind and hustle strong trying to get my money on
But we could not get along
Cuz you kept fuckin up the routine
Yeah she kept fuckin up the routine
The routine

She couldn't deny it, it was so obvious that i was into her
But along the way she became so jealous and so insecure
Damn now our sunny days done turned cloudy
We can't talk without even shoutin' and through it all the crazy thing about this is
Everything you accuse me off you did it twice as much
Blatant double standards got me thinkin' you just like to fuss
Let me tell my story one mo gin sweet and simple as i can
Once upon a time i gave a fuck dot dot dot the end
So now she trying to make me out to be so cold and heartless
Then i remind her it was my heart that made me go and start this
So if my heart gone, who came in and took that
I'm just sayin', if you feel that way, you can get the hell on, don't look back
Then i see you peeking looking like peek a boo
That spilt personaliy bullshit so i got words for each of you
Cuz for the record who was the one being under handed
Respect is for who deserves it not for the ones who just demand it

Writers: Vincent Settles

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